G.R.I.T. Boy Poppy's Grouch Green Puffs Thick Clouds of Kush Culture

Poppy of Houston rap group the G.R.I.T. Boys is ready to show the world what he's been cooking up on his recent mixtape Grouch Green, displaying real versatility and storytelling ability as he channels his inner kush connoisseur.

In addition to his G.R.I.T. Boys success, you may also remember him from his feature on Lil O's "Fat Rat with the Cheese," and here he creates a rich mellowness suitable for all bud-burning environments. Songs such as "Wake Up/Roll Up" (feat. Doughbeezy), "So Much Bud" and "One Puff" (feat. Lil O and Devin the Dude) bring you right into the thick of Poppy's "Kush Culture."

Despite the cover art, though, this project is not completely about smoking good bud. Poppy uses K.U.S.H. as an acronym for "Keep Ur Standards High." Throughout the tape you can hear Pop exerting his energy into the D Will-produced tracks like "Payday" with a raspy, razor's-edge delivery.

Cy Fyre and the Fyre Factory Band lace the title track with a pretty dope instrumental; if you're a fan the noted local producer's beats, you'll definitely enjoy his presence throughout the tape. Another standout, "Talking Money," is a catchy yet insightful track that speaks on the necessity of acting your age, a message that is rarely shared in a culture that celebrates expensive cars, flashy jewelry and outright opulence.

Overall, this is no run-of-the-mill mixtape, but a solid body of work with quality content, engineering and production. Valuable time was put into making Grouch Green, and it shows. Houston rap fans from all walks of life should enjoy it.

Favorite Song: "One Puff" --the lineup plus the Erykah Badu sample creates an ill vibe.

Least Favorite Song: "How Many Ways" -- definitely shows Poppy's versatility, but a little too lovey-dovey for my taste; causes a slight momentum loss.

Download Grouch Green here.


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