Grum's "Through The Night" Is One Rad Buddy-Cop Bromance

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Your daily VJ has been using the phrase "homoerotic undertones" since the fourth grade, and we have the book report on James and the Giant Peach to prove it. But now we are faced with the acme of a rad bromance - the opposite of a bad romance, milady - in the form of Grum's video for their latest single "Through the Night."

Picture, if you will, the extraordinary world of the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" video. Mullets and mustaches, guns and car chases, rookie cops out of control and pure manly heroism skipping wild and free through a world of crime and urban corruption.

Two brave detectives battle vice, forming a bond that transcends mere friendship, only for one to be cut down in the line of fire. His loyal partner vows revenge, and waits patiently while his other half fights for his life in the ICU.

Now that plot, that exact plot, has been used in countless buddy-cop movies. But the way we just described it made you think of something that neither Danny Glover nor Nick Nolte ever intended you to get from their performances, didn't it?

Grum, who is a just one weird electronica dude hanging out in England, is a master of nostalgic disco-inspired songs that are simply beyond cool. Everything he puts out makes us want to montage to it. Heartbeats, the album featuring "Through the Night," is now available on iTunes.

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