Guess Who Is On the CMJ Home Page Today?

Congratulations to Houston's the Tontons, who are featured on the home page of new-music trade journal CMJ's Web site today. They even got the picture.

Yes, Rocks Off still gets excited to see a local band make headlines in a national publication, especially one as esteemed as CMJ, which in the ink-and-paper days was a bigger tastemaker than even Pitchfork.

Here's an excerpt:

The group has often been told that it would flourish in a better scene like Brooklyn's, but it resists with the belief that Houston is developing into a great scene in its own right.

"There is definitely something happening in our music scene and we have a lot people here supporting that," [bassist Tom] Nguyen says. "We've made a lot of progress as a band in the last year and it seems possible to 'make it' without moving now."

Good for them for not moving to a "better" scene. Here's the whole thing.

Rocks Off ran into Tontons manager Mark Austin at Robert Ellis Thursday night, and he said the group is working on their next record this month before scattering to the four winds for some much-deserved vacation time. The band's next Houston show is September 1 at Warehouse Live with Featherface and Austin's Quiet Company.

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