H-town Hangman: Guess the Band, Win a Prize

All right, all you kids out there, time to test your mettle. Rocks Off knows you know what's up. We've seen you at Walter's, Rudz and all those other hallowed haunts that make up this little "scene" of ours. You can probably rattle off a dozen or so favorite local bands without batting an eyelash, and we know you're constantly talking them up to your friends from lesser towns. But how much of it is just talk? Well, it's time to find out.

This here is the first - hopefully of many, but that largely depends on you - installment of H-town Hangman. Here, all you rabid local-music apologists will match wits in a know-it-all contest of scenester trivia - We provide the clues; you provide the band name. First one to nail it (leave in comments) gets a secret prize provided by the mystery band. Trust us, it's cool.

And for the vast majority of you who will win absolutely nothing, take solace in the fact that you just might learn something. Enough chit-chat - here's your clues, and let the games begin... 

Number of Members: Four

Number of Instruments Played: Four

Together Since: July 2004

Original Lineup: No

This Lineup Since: January 2009

Houston Natives: One

Non-Natives: Ireland, Wisconsin, Louisiana

Median Age: 35

Albums Released: One

Most Recent Release: 2005

First Gigs With: On the Dole, Cluan, the Vent-o-lators, the Change

Most Common Accurate Comparison: Shane MacGowan

Most Common Inaccurate Comparison: Dropkick Murphys

Most Likely to Be Found Gigging At: Continental Club, Molly's, Brian O'Neill's "or anywhere the pints are pourin' on a Saturday" Random Fact: "We tour nationally several times a year"

Have at it!

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