H-Town Hangman: Ready For Round 2?

After getting off to a lukewarm start, it seems as if Space City finally decided to get in the game, and all it took was a reference to maritime inebriation. It's only natural that a Texas port city would find that a rallying point. That said, here's the much-anticipated second installment of H-Town Hangman, where you pit your knowledge of Houston's music scene against all the other Web-trawling denizens of our fair burg's digital underground, in the hopes of winning, well, whatever the mystery band decides to give you. (It'll be sweet, though). Hopefully you know the rules this time - don't comment if you shouldn't be, and in the off chance you win this thing, please leave some sort of contact information. Oh, and by the way, we've tried to make it a bit more challenging this go-round.

Number of Members:


Original Members:


This Lineup Since:



Pretty sure we're all from Texas

Median Age:

If we round up, 34

Most Recent Release:


Most Common Inaccurate Comparison:

Pavement, Wilco, Replacements, Rolling Stones, and the year 1996

Most Common Accurate Comparison:

Not really any of those bands. And we actually sound a lot more like 1995.

Random Fact:

All of us drive fairly new Hondas. Our practice space parking lot looks like a car commercial. OK, you know the drill. Let's hope so, anyway.

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