Night Life

H-Town's 10 Best H-Bars

Houston was given the popular nickname H-Town some time ago, and the name has resonated within our city and beyond; the term seems to have originated in Houston's hip-hop and rap community, from what we can nail down. An R&B group known as H-Town that formed in 1991 is from Houston; the H-Town Blues Festival is an annual event whose ninth edition was held earlier this month at NRG Arena.

Thinking of the name H-Town got us to thinking of the concept of "H-Bars;" basically bars in the city of Houston whose names start with the letter H that are cool and embody the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that our city is known for. If this sounds a little silly to you, remember this is all meant in good fun and shouldn't be taken too seriously, though these bars will show you a seriously good time.

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David Rozycki
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