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Hail, Hail: 10 Things You Should Know About Pearl Jam

Amongst all the Nevermind love running rampant this week, people seem to forget that Nirvana contemporaries Pearl Jam are also celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. Obviously the Nirvana tributes are different since one member is not living and the weight that Nevermind still carries two decades later is undeniable.

What's interesting about Pearl Jam - Eddie Vedder, Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard and Mike McCready - is their staying power, and their steadfast hold on their own career. The things they turned down in the '90s actually helped them last as long as they have: The fights with TicketMaster, the refusal to make obsessive amounts of music videos and media appearances, pushing albums instead of singles, all those things went against the music industry they came up in - foolishly, many said at the time.

Today though, their stubborn resolve is looked on with reverence.

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Craig Hlavaty
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