Hang The DJ: Bowling Alley's Music Mix Strikes Out With Reader

Rocks Off received a rather breathless email this morning from a reader who was none too happy that his first visit to a local bowling alley this past weekend was marred by the DJ's tin ear. He was complimentary of the staff, the drinks and the establishment itself - names have been withheld to protect the guilty - and decidedly not so with the man responsible for the tunes. In fact, he writes, "the music was SO bad that I have no hesitation saying that [he] is THE WORST DJ EVER!" Pretty bold statement there. Evidently our reader is no fan of Rick Springfield, New Kids On the Block or Men at Work, all of whom worked their way into the playlist the night he visited. "Are you fucking kidding me?" he wrote. "With Pandora, Pitchfork and Accuradio out there; unbelievable, unfiltered, incredible music at your fingertips and you're playing fucking 'Land Down Under'? Really?" He's not done, either.

"Listen closely boys and girls, I graduated high school in the 1980s and I can't stand that shit anymore. It was overplayed when it came out. You think I wanna hear that shit 20 years later? If you consider yourself a real live DJ worth his salt, you will never mix in Cyndi Lauper or Rick Springfield... ever. If you do, you might as well put on Stars on 45 and turn in your headphones you tasteless bastard!"

Well now. That doesn't exactly sound like Rocks Off's idea of an ideal playlist either (although come on... "Jessie's Girl" is awesome), but we bet this guy isn't the only Houstonian who has had a night out tanked by some truly terrible tunes. And we bet bowling alleys aren't the only places where the man or woman in charge of the music has foisted some suspect taste onto their audience, either. Restaurants... parties... grocery stores... even a venue's choice of music before you're waiting for a band to go on, or a night out at your favorite watering hole where the jukebox was held hostage by some musical philistines. Rocks Off is willing to bet this happens a lot more than anyone would care to admit, or to remember. Would that include you or someone you know? Surely it has. Let us know in the comments or email chris.gray@houstonpress.com.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.