Happy 51st, Depeche Mode's Martin Gore: A Birthday Playlist

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"In My Other World": Gore put out a covers record called Counterfeit in 2003 full of tunes that had greatly influenced him. I was already aware of his rendition of "Loverman" from Nick Cave, but I damn near crapped myself when I saw he'd included a Julee Cruise song. Unfortunately, it's not one of the David Lynch/Angelo Badalamenti composed songs.

Indeed, it's the only song from either of Cruise's first too albums that she recorded without the powerful director/composer duo. While I would happily murder to hear Gore sing "The World Spins," he brings "In My Other World" to a whole new level. Not easy when tackling someone like Julee Cruise.

"The Sun and the Moon and the Stars": This B-side off DM's last record, 2009's Sounds of the Universe, takes a bit to get going, but if you'll bear with it to the chorus you can really dig into the track's depth. Another ode to the unbearable agony of physical loneliness.

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