Happy Birthday Church of Satan! Five Musicians Associated With the Devil's Faith

It was on this day in 1966 that the one and only Anton Szandor LaVey officially founded the Church of Satan at the Black House in San Francisco, California. From that day forward there would be a mainstream religion celebrating the antithesis of Christian thought in America and embracing as virtues hat were traditionally considered sins. It was, and remains, a religion of self-worship and egotistical enlightenment.

Several famous people have been involved in the church since its founding, though not all of them as true card-carrying members. That's OK; the church's Web site states clearly that one doesn't have to officially enroll to consider yourself a Satanist. On this happy Walpurgisnacht Houston Press presents some of the musicians who have embraced the darkness over the decades of diabolical worship.

Make that proudly presents.

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