Happy Birthday George Strait: His Saddest Songs Ever

Today is George Harvey Strait's 59th birthday, and Rocks Off is celebrating by listening to some of the saddest songs he has ever recorded, because it's what we usually do on Wednesday afternoons anyway. Just a few months back he scored his 83rd Top 10 hit with "The Breath You Take," an adequately sad song.

It's about a father and son and...dammit here come the waterworks.

There is much to say about Strait, and no doubt Rocks Off has said as much as we possibly can, with enough left over to last several decades of blogs. We've reviewed him twice now in the past three years, and somewhere along the way we gained a Strait-themed tattoo on our right calf.

Then there was the PR nightmare we went through at the last show in Austin when his image team swatted down most of the photos our own Marc Brubaker took of him. It tarnished our view of his management team, but not our fandom of Strait.

We were sneaky at the Reliant Stadium show in 2009 and we just took shots from our seats on the floor.

A few weeks, Strait fans Twitter account did relay some information hinting a new album and tour coming this summer and fall, and well duh, Rocks Off will clue you in with the developments. He is said to be recording in Key West, Florida at Jimmy Buffet's studio digs.

No word yet if Rocks Off will be asked to write the liner notes.

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Craig Hlavaty
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