Happy Birthday, Jim Morrison: Top 5 Songs About the Lizard King

We've always felt a deep connection with Jim Morrison, so much so that we'd rather read No One Here gets Out Alive than listen to any one Doors song. The poet and legendary front man left us far too soon, and in his wake is a wealth of stories and music that continues to echo down and find an audience.

Morrison remains one of the most influential rock singers of all time, and many of his colleagues have been inspired by his life to put pen to paper an let loose with melody. Here are our Top 5 favorite songs about him.

David Crosby, "Morrison"

We'll get this one out of the way first. Not because it's not a good song, but because we couldn't track down a good version of it. Crosby wanted to set the record straight with "Morrison," as he never really felt that the portrayal of him in the Oliver Stone film was in any way accurate.

Iggy Pop, "The Passenger"

In Bowie in Berlin by Thomas Jerome Seabrook the inspiration behind this song was time spent tooling around the city with David Bowie, however, Pop has also gone on record as saying the lyrics were inspired by some of Morrison's poetry. Incidentally, Pop was almost Morrison's replacement in the Doors after his death. If you wonder what that might sound like, we highly recommend his 2009 album Preliminaries.

Robyn Hitchcock, "The Lizard"

We know from Hitchcock's own set notes that this song is dedicates to Morrison. Our guess is that it's an ode to the increasing difficulty Morrison had in living up to the image he'd built as a rock and roll madman when he most wanted to move in a more poetical direction.

Patti Smith, "A Fire of Unknown Origin"

If there is any true feminine counterpart to Morrison it has to be Patti Smith. Here's her poetic tribute to him. You might be more familiar with the Blue Oyster Cult version of the song.

Alice Cooper, "Desperado"

This is our favorite Alice Cooper song period. Cooper was part of Morrison's drinking posse once upon a time, and wrote "Desperado" in his memory.

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