Happy (Black) Flag Day, Everybody

Today is Flag Day, a day where we honor the institution of the first United States flag in 1777. You know, Old Glory, the flag that looks really killer on bikinis in the '80s or when B L A C K I E wrapped himself in it at Free Press Summer Fest two weeks ago. The flag is a cherished part of the fabric of our country, no pun intended, and we are firm flag supporters.

So in the spirit of last week's National Day Of Slayer, celebrated by Rocks Off and Slayer fans all over the world in honor of the devastating metal band and lead singer Tom Araya, why can't we make June 14, Flag Day, Black Flag Day?

Because we like Black Flag. A lot. Who should we run it by? Greg Ginn, who now lives in Taylor, Texas, or Henry Rollins, who at any time of the year could be in a far-flung country exploring the crevices of the world?


And why not a Black Flag Day? They've influenced countless millions of kids, inspired tattoos (including one on the arm attached to one of the hands that is typing this), plus they are just the right medicine for when you are having a shitty day, or hell, even a good day.

We've had plenty of fun after work listening to My War or Everything Went Black.

It doesn't even matter if you prefer Black Flag pre-Rolllins, with Dez Cadena, Keith Morris, or even Chavo. You may only like the latter-period shaggy Flag, or the clean-cut super-hardcore one. All that matters is that you like Black Flag, and you can get behind a Black Flag Day.

Here are our favorite 20 Black Flag songs on Rdio, including tracks from every vocalist, plus at least one or two cuts from all the major releases. Check out the instrumental that closes out the list. What did Rollins do when he wasn't singing at a gig? Bench press chicks, cases of beer, or wash his black shorts?

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty