Happy Gorilla Suit Day! 5 Music Videos for Celebrating.

Today is National Gorilla Suit Day. We're not explaining it for you because something so magical needs neither intellectual discourse, nor to be held up against the scrutiny of skeptics who are clearly dead inside. Just accept it. Today is National Gorilla Suit Day, and all are commended to observe.

In the name of doing our part, we present the following five National Gorilla Suit Day carols.

Master P, "Make'em Say UGH"

As far as we know Percy Miller has never said exactly what martial art he has achieved his mastery in, but whatever it is it must be quite potent. His contribution to our new favorite holiday involves fantastic dunking skills. Also tanks on a basketball court, which seems to be pushing the definition of point guard a little far. Still, we cannot stress this point enough, there is a dunking gorilla.

Bjork, "Army of Me"

It's hard to really appreciate "Army of Me" anymore since apparently it has become illegal to do any kind of action film with a female protagonist and not play the song. As such, we have forgotten the image that should be most wedded to the track, that of a gorilla dentist.

Jamey Johnson, "Playing the Part"

We're convinced that Jamey Johnson is an alternate dimension version of Jim Morrison that never shaved and went country. It's possible that "Playing the Part" is a deep analogy of artifice within the seething personalities in the entertainment industry. It's also possible that the video is just an excuse to put Matthew McConaughey in a gorilla suit and get drunk. Embedding is disabled, but you can see the proof of that last sentence here .

Queen, "I'm Going Slightly Mad'

It's always weird to see Freddie Mercury without his mustache. We're comforted by the fact that a gorilla is comforting him through the loss of it in the video Anyone else ever think how unfortunate it is that Queen never got to make a video with David Lynch?.

Cadbury/Phil Collins, "In the Air Tonight"

Because of Cadbury using a man in a gorilla suit playing the song in an advertisement for a chocolate bar, "In the Air Tonight" actually beat its original chart position as a single in some 2007 markets. Thus is our faith in chocolate and gorilla suits reaffirmed. The original commercial was only 1:30 of gorilla drumming... thank your lucky stars someone did an extended mix that encompasses the whole song.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.