Happy National Taco Day From ZZ Top, Moby, Arcade Fire...

Today, October 4, is National Taco Day, and no doubt our friend Jay is somewhere bathing in tacos. Dude has made a healthy sideline just tweeting about tacos. Tacos don't have much to do with music in our minds, unless you count the inside sleeve to ZZ Top's Tres Hombres and its Leo's Mexican Restaurant platter splayed out on the inside cover (above).

Rocks Off stumbled across a Tumblr site dedicated to slapping tacos onto iconic album covers. It's run by the guys from the Hood Internet, who are also regulars over at Boondocks in Montrose. Anything from Television and Bob Seger to Moby is ripe for a taco rendering.

Hopefully it was a tofu taco for the chrome-domed latter. The taco-added cover of Arcade Fire's

Neon Bible

is pretty hilarious.

Can you imagine Win Butler chowing down on a hot plate of tacos on the band's touring bus? Sauce on his face, burping, drinking a Negra Modelo, complaining about how there are no good taco trucks in The Woodlands.

Check out the rest of Hood Internet's handiwork here, but here are just a few of our favorite taco-album creations. Someone should hire a taco truck to sit outside Rocks Off HQ every now and then.

Hint hint...

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