Happy #THUGGADAY: City Hall Salutes Northside Boss

Today at City Hall, a prominent resident of Houston will receive his very own proclamation from the mayor, much like the thousands of citizens who have also received such certificates in the past. This particular citizen is named Stayve Jerome Thomas, a gentleman who has been a successful representative of Houston since he first hit the scene in the late '90s, and who in most recent years has used his wealth and fame to feed the city's less fortunate, as well sponsor toy drives benefiting underprivileged children. Most fans know him as Slim Thug these days.

According to the City of Houston, this type of acknowledgment is reserved for outstanding individuals who have made a significant contribution to society and contributions to the City and citizens of Houston. Today's proclamation will be presented by City Council member Jerry Davis of District B, an area which includes portions of Houston's Northside that have benefited from Thomas' philanthropy, and also where the rapper was raised.

So today is offically #ThuggaDay.

Slim vows, "Since '98 I've been straight, started shinin' out the gate reppin' that Nawf on tape" in the intro to his latest album, Boss Life, and has definitely been rapping about money, cars and women for a long time. The Boss Hogg Outlaw even has a very large tattoo reading "HOUSTON" on his back, always representing his city to the fullest.

Earlier this year, CNN anchor Don Lemon examined the word "thug," and asked on-air if the word itself was racist, and ended the segment with the following quote: "If you don't wanna be treated like a thug, or considered one, then don't act like one."

This of course led to a response from Slim himself, who was given his rap name as a lanky teenager with braids. Here is his response:

Should a man's positive's contributions in the community be questioned or negated by the name he chooses to carry? Is a rapper not a musician, and a musician an artist, someone who by definition has the ability to interpret the world and produce content in their own, personal way?

Whether you agree or disagree with Sim Thug receiving his day from the mayor, the ceremony will take place today at City Hall, and Rocks Off will most certainly be in attendance. Stay tuned for photos and a recap of the historic event.

Turn the page to see a few of the best #THUGGADAY tweets.


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