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This Friday, the second installment of the Houston Press Underground Rap Awards will post here. We've received a fair amount of emails/text/mentions/tags about it this month, which is cool. But before we get to that, let's run through a bunch of good music that's been passed this direction recently.

As usual, exclusion from this post doesn't necessarily mean an artist's music sucks, but inclusion most certainly means an artist's music does not. Ten hashmarks today. You know what it is.

Yung Truth feat. Doughbeezy "Time 2 Lay Em Down"

#JoesDeli: Yung Truth and Doughbeezy "Time To Lay 'Em Down." We've been on Truth's new tape for a couple of weeks. Full review coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy him doing his best Bun B impression above.

#StillToilingUnnecessarilyInObscurity: The perennially underrated Yung Redd checks in here, lathering everyone up for his forthcoming Eleven Skies release. Propain makes for a good feature, as usual.

#NiqIsTheFirstBlackHippieWeEverMet: And here he is with Scooby and Poppy on their "Smoke and Mirrors" track. One of the neat things about the way things have divied up here in town is that each particular subset of rappers have all developed - or have begun to develop, at least - their own specific aesthetic. Redd, for example, almost always has this smoky, digitized dystopia thing going on, which makes his music immediately recognizable.

#WhyDoesPropainAlwaysLookSoAngry: Oh, and since we mentioned him earlier, Propain is starting to drip music from his soon-to-be-released tape. Here he teams up with the pubescent Short Dawg for

"I'm On."

It initially seemed like the metallic chorus was going to grow to be bothersome, but we listened to this song, like, seven times in a row; it never does.

#GoodEnoughToMakeYouDislikeHim: Burgeoning R&B supernova Lee-Lonn threw this up on his Twitter one night. Sometimes, it's like he doesn't even have to try to be good. Fucker.

#KillaGorilla: Ooh, Killa Kyleon (above) and Jack Freeman brought their talents to "Make Me", a soulful, anachronistic, sticky rap/R&B hybrid. Great song all the way around.

Side note: It appears that there are two types of people in the world: People who think Jack Freeman is better than Lee-Lonn, and people that think Lee-Lonn is better than Jack Freeman. We've had this debate several times this year already with several musicians - completely off the record, of course, because musicians are incredibly thin-skinned. It's a fun thing to think about, even if it can be a little uncomfortable at times.

#SaxophonesMakeEverythingBetter: Kirko Bangz let loose a video for "Million Dollar Dreams," structurally the most impressive track on his DJ Drama-hosted PK3. It's also the only song on the tape with a saxophone, which probably isn't a coincidence. Notice the Nah Right stamp at the beginning of the video. It's not easy to get that. That site, thin as it is on actual commentary or insight, is among the most-trafficked rap MP3 blogs around.

#RapGroupsNamedAfterClothes: The Outfit was passed along to us via Twitter. Whole bunch of music to listen to here. There's nothing we like more than gold teeth and pseudo-mustaches, so we started with The Ballad of Percy Shalamar. To each his own, right?

#IntroducingKDogg: K-Dogg, who has managed to mostly remain invisible in the crowd, shines on

"I'm On."

with KAB (whose own tapered menace is enjoyable too). K-Dogg's work here was convincing enough for us to search him out and find more of his stuff. We've been bumming music off his ReverbNation Page for a bit now. Hoping to see him in person soon. Listen here.

#GoodRapNamesAreHardToFind: Fortunately, Young Script is far, far, far more enjoyable than his silly name would imply. Video of him performing live. (The phrase "performing live" is dumb, right? Everbody performs live. Except maybe Trey Songz. He was like a walking zombie when we saw him.)

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.