Connecticut's Hatebreed comes out of that whole "We're all about unity and positivity, and we'll kick the ass of anyone who says different" mindset fostered by the New York and Boston hardcore scenes. It has managed to bash out four albums of monochromatic metalcore -- the latest being the brand-new Supremacy -- without ever risking a new idea. Hatebreed has a fierce live act, every song a throbbing assault on the wildly moshing crowd, so most fans opt for the show rather than buying the band's CDs. Singer Jamey Jasta's bark is clear enough that you'll be able to figure out the chorus on the first go-round and pump your fist along with all the other thick-necked yahoos on the second.

Also performing is Detroit's Black Dahlia Murder. Dahlia released a hell of a full-length debut with Unhallowed. That album's blend of death-metal speed and crunch with black-metal screeching was unnervingly powerful. On Miasma, last year's follow-up, the band fell off somewhat, moving dangerously close to routine melodic territory. Black Dahlia has a kick-ass live act, though, so it easily should be able to put across even substandard material in a thoroughly circle-pit-inspiring manner.

The show is part of the Monsters of Mayhem tour, with Exodus, First Blood and Despised Icon also performing.

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