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Hates Front Man Turns DJ in New Radio Show

It's been a hard year thus far for Houston's pre-eminent punk-rock institution, the Hates. Former drummer and co-founder Glenn Sorvisto lost a long, hard battle with cancer last month, and if the Craigslist ads are any indication, the band is still searching for a full-time percussionist.

Nonetheless, our elder statesman Christian Kidd né Arnheiter is still going strong. He taught his annual class at the University of Houston about music of the '70s, his autobiography is nearing completion and now he mans a weekly Internet radio show courtesy of Houston Media Source. Christian Arnheiter's '70s Punk and Beyond airs midnight Fridays.

"When Houston Media Source decided to add an Internet radio station, I was asked if I would be interested in doing a half-hour punk show," said Kidd. "HMS has shown several Hates videos over the years."

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