New Book Coming from Christian Kidd of The Hates

Christian Kidd (center) on stage
Christian Kidd (center) on stage
Photo by Julie Ensminger

Christian Kidd, the legendary singer and guitarist from Houston’s oldest and most celebrated punk band The Hates, has announced that he has completed his second memoir.

If you read only one book about life in the Houston music scene then it should be Kidd’s first book Just a Houston Punk from 2013. In that slim volume are more than 30 years of iconic clubs, loud shows and the pitfalls and triumphs of being in the punk rock game for so long. Kidd, who occasionally lectures at colleges on the music history he has personally witnessed so much of, proved himself a mesmerizing story teller who put the heart of the city on the page for all to see.

His story wasn’t done, though. The new book is called Christian Kidd’s Diary 2016-2018. If you’ve been keeping up with the band, you know that these last few years have been as much an adventure for the elder-statesman as any that have come before. Both he and his wife Alexis have battled cancer and other illnesses. Christian actually ended up unable to perform for most of a year thanks to a shoulder surgery that eliminated his guitar playing and a cancer that left him without the ability to talk.

He’s recovered fully from both of these setbacks, thankfully, though he has spent much of the last years helping Alexis fight her own health battles. She was even too sick to attend the benefit concert thrown in her honor. The couple continues to solicit help through GoFundMe for her medical bills, and Christian has been auctioning off punk memorabilia to help make ends meet. I interviewed both Kidds in 2014 when I looked at how the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) might improve the always-tenuous health insurance situations of musicians.

For all that the last several years of life have been a struggle for one of Houston’s most storied stars, I fully expect the new book to be a wonderful read. Throughout all kinds of trials and tribulations Christian has maintained a positive attitude, letting whatever rage he has speak only through his music. We get very few looks at what it means to be an aging rock star entering the twilight of their career, and I look forward to seeing what Christian has to teach us about what it means to never stop being punk even into your 60s.

Christian Kidd’s Diary 2016-2018 currently has no release date. Check here and at CactusMusicTX.com.

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