Have A Drink On Us: AC/DC Sells Wine Now, and We Had a Tasting

Shout-out to the oenophiles out there, there is a new kid on the wine block these days, with the introduction of two varieties of vino geared towards fans of classic-rock band AC/DC. Now, I know what you are saying: Since their music goes so well with the hard stuff, shouldn't AC/DC be making their own whiskey? Agreed.

For instance, why does Motorhead sells Shiraz, Rose and vodka when the only thing that you want to drink when you hear "Ace of Spades" or "Overkill" is pure Jack Daniels? As Lemmy told me himself, they don't need to put out their own whiskey, it already exists. Fair enough, Lems.

"AC/DC The Wine" is sourced out of Australia and New Zealand and went on the market last year in Australia but is just now making its way to the United States. Rocks Off was sent a bottle each of Highway To Hell Cabernet Sauvignon and Thunder Struck Chardonnay.

What, no Big Gun Beaujolais? Live Nation is helping bring the grape juice plus over to the States for rabid AC/DC fans. The suggested retail price of each bottle is $17.99, and the bottle will be a memento for the rest of your days.

There are three other varieties available: Back In Black Shiraz, Hells Bells Sauvignon Blanc, and You Shook Me All Night Long Moscato. The latter must be for the fairer sex for use at bachelorette parties and Twilight marathons.

As I said, the Rocks Off HQ was only sent Highway To Hell and Thunder Struck, so we cannot comment on the other varieties. I think no matter what any of them tasted like, I would have a predilection for anything named after Bon Scott-era works, because well, it's Bon Scott.

Monday afternoon members of the Houston Press staff took their turn trying the stuff, with less than stellar tasting notes. What did we all expect? For a band known for songs like "Big Balls" and "Love at First Feel" they managed to at least get a decent vineyard involved.

"It tasted like any old red wine. It didn't make me feel like I was backstage in VIP or anything," said receptionist Abrahan Garza about the HTH Cabernet Sauvignon. I guess it didn't make his brain shake or break his balls.

Managing Editor Catherine Matusow slagged the "church spaghetti dinner," taste, but said that it could make a good sangria.

"It goes down easy and drinks like -- you guessed it -- grape juice," said Staff Writer Katherine Shilcutt. "If you want to get drunk off red wine real fast and maybe trash a hotel room while you're at it, this is the way to do it.

"For the discriminating consumer who's purchasing a wine solely because it has AC/DC on the label, I imagine it would be a hit," she added.

Garza loved the Thunder Struck Chardonnay, though.

"I would do many dirty deeds for more of this," he said. "Very delish and crisp. Would be perfect really cold."

Editor Margaret Downing was less excited about the Chardonnay.

"I didn't mind the fizz, a little fizz is kind of nice. But the wine itself had little character; it was light and didn't have a very good aroma," she said.

Her biggest impression of the Thunder Struck was the bitter aftertaste she has after drinking a few sips.

The wine did come to our office via UPS, and was subject to Houston heat and humidity, so that could explain some of its less pleasant aspects of the contents in the bottles. Maybe it suffered in transit because it got hot? A fresh bottle that was never heated up could offer up a different tasting experience.

"At $20 a bottle I believe this is overpriced by at least two times as much as it should go for," added Downing.

The testers' general consensus was that you can find better wine than this at your corner grocery store.

Yeah, but how many of those are endorsed by AC/DC? Exactly.

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