He Said She Said: Albums From the Past Decade of Our Lives

When this decade began, He Said was but 15 years old, bored, jobless and chubby. It ends with him 26, overworked, overstimulated and chasing away his self-imposed demons with too much of everything and too little of most things. But the one constant has been the power of music to lead him out of the proverbial wilderness.

It's weird to think that the 2000s were our first full decade of total awareness. The first decade and a half were wasted on learning to walk, write, read, drive and get rejected by prissy junior-high chicks. The last decade is the first one we can now look back on with a view that isn't colored by our parents or mainstream pop culture.

This decade saw He Said's ears go through erratic changes from month to month, with his tastes seemingly changing every minute from hip-hop, street punk and Oi!, heavy metal, '77-style punk, garage, classic country, noise, doom and proto-punk. There was never a dull moment, seeing that He Said came of age at a time when the Internet was bursting at the seams with new and old sounds for him to get his downloading mitts on.

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty