He Said She Said: Fire In The Earhole!

He Said began his week by watching a Houston landmark and one of his favorite restaurants of all-time go up in flames. We covered the Mai's fire most of Monday morning for Hair Balls, taking pictures of the smoke and flames as they got progressively worse and began engulfing the structure off Milam. It was a sad end to a place that brought a good segment of the city so much late-night sustenance.

Most people in the area just came to watch the flames, gawking at someone else's sadness. There is a duality to fire. We can create it when we want it, but if left unattended we can lose control of it. We suppose there is something life lesson that fire is trying to teach us but you are just looking to the right at that picture of Christina Hendricks who has red hair, which reminds all of us of fire and burning. He Said could confess to six murders in the past week alone and you would just scroll down to look for more pictures of her.

Fire has fascinated us since we were kids. Matches and lighters were always secretly on our person. This was before we would go on to use them to light cigarettes behind portable buildings in high school and other sordid things like fireworks and report cards.

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty