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He Said She Said: Fire In The Earhole!, Part 2

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To be honest, She Said can't really remember the last time she stepped foot inside Mai's. It was definitely several years ago, before she left Houston and then came back again, and it was probably with this guy, probably after a show. She Said probably had some Thai curry and hot tea, but she can't even remember her regular dish there. She is why she was sad, but not devastated when the building went down on Monday morning. Fire. Yes, it's damaging and destructive, but it's also regenerative. Forest fires often lead to new and healthier growth, and there's a reason why the myth of the Phoenix has the creature rising from ashes instead of, say, a flood. Mai's will rebuild - they've already committed to that - and in all likelihood their new restaurant will be nicer and cleaner that the 30-year-old dining room whose chintzy remodel barely covered the years of spilled food stains. But fire represents something else too -- anger, passion, sexuality. It's a primal element, and what could be more primal than rock 'n' roll. Just ask Prometheus. Electric Six, "Danger! Danger!"

This must be Electric Six's only radio hit, which is in some ways a shame because the band's full catelog is achingly sardinic (as the video can attest) and yet, their ode to hot and steamy passion is so catchy She Said can't help but sing it every time she goes through the drive-thru.

Rolling Stones, "Play with Fire"

This song could have easily been on last week's HSSS list, which dealt with


. The Stones' song about a wealthy socialite who falls from grace calls to mind another fiery myth, that of Icarus, whose attempts to fly towards the sun melted his waxen wings.

The Cult, "Fire Woman"

Here we have our first instance of fire as a symbol for wonton dangerous women. Though in The Cult's case, Ian Astbury is the hunka-hunka burnin' love. Seriously? Have you

seen him lately

? Though he did grow out his hair when he went on tour wit The Doors and now looks creepily like

Jim Morrison

. If the New Doors were to perform "Light My Fire" with Ian Astbury on vocals, that just be way too meta for this column, wouldn't it?

Peggy Lee, "Fever"

Steamy Peggy Lee counters the fire woman theme with lyrics about historical figures like "Julie, baby, you're my flame." This is one of the sexiest songs She Said can think of right now. Even Madonna, self-styled sex goddess, can't hold a flame to Peggy Lee.

Blue Oyster Cult, "Burnin' for You"

Talk about a concept album. "Burnin' for You" was on an album called

Fire of Unknown Origin

which also featured "Don't Fear The Reaper." "Burnin'" quite literally DOES

need more cowbell

- there's none at all in it. Wikipedia fun-fact: "Burnin' for You" was on Clear Channel's banned songs list after 9/11. Weird.

Meat Puppets, "Lake of Fire"

The music of the Meat Puppets gives She Said an uncomfortable feeling in her chest not unlike heartburn. It's just so damn bleak. This song reminds her of Dante's inferno, with their quaint lyrical choices, heavy bass and morbid imagery.

Buster Poindexter, "Hot Hot Hot"

Back in the day when this video was in heavy rotation on MTV (when


video was in heavy rotation on MTV, She Said was a mere toddler, and she LOVED this song. It blew her mind (and continues to blow her mind) when she first found out that Buster Poindexter and David Johansen were one and the same.

Queen, "Put Out the Fire"

Look at Freddy Mercury, he sure is


on that stage, isn't he? He's just so hot, musically speaking. Wonder what fire, what mad masquerade, he's referring to here?

The Pixies, "Dig for Fire"

She Said is on a major Pixies kick these days and just wants to attempt to slip them into any list possible. However! If you look at the YouTube comments for this video you can see people waxing on and off about the Kim Deal bra shot 59 seconds in. So the passion theme remains.

Pointer Sisters, "Fire"

Last time She Said heard this song it was Thanksgiving, and she was at a karaoke bar in Hollywood called the Backlot just across the street for a major studio. Two girls got on stage and sang the Pointer Sisters' "Fire" with aplomb, and She Said was all


. Later, the cast from


(seriously!) showed up at the bar and filled up the karaoke list. Imaging trying to sing in front of that kind of crowd.

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