He Said She Said: Fire In The Earhole!, Part 2

To be honest, She Said can't really remember the last time she stepped foot inside Mai's. It was definitely several years ago, before she left Houston and then came back again, and it was probably with this guy, probably after a show. She Said probably had some Thai curry and hot tea, but she can't even remember her regular dish there. She is why she was sad, but not devastated when the building went down on Monday morning.

Fire. Yes, it's damaging and destructive, but it's also regenerative. Forest fires often lead to new and healthier growth, and there's a reason why the myth of the Phoenix has the creature rising from ashes instead of, say, a flood. Mai's will rebuild - they've already committed to that - and in all likelihood their new restaurant will be nicer and cleaner that the 30-year-old dining room whose chintzy remodel barely covered the years of spilled food stains.

But fire represents something else too -- anger, passion, sexuality. It's a primal element, and what could be more primal than rock 'n' roll. Just ask Prometheus.

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