Country Music

He Said She Said: Just A Few Ole Country Boys

For some reason whenever He Said and She Said are mulling over topics for each week of this little featured weekly blog, we always find ourselves either biting off more than we can chew, or absolutely stumping ourselves. Some topics are easier to cobble together ten songs for while other times He Said finds himself beating his head against the wall thinking of the perfect track.

In honor of RodeoHouston, we set out to make a few country-music lists, seeing that the whole city of Houston is atwitter over all things barbecued, fried, snake-skinned or garishly lit over off Kirby. Last week we flung out our favorite female-sung country songs, and this week we present to you our favorite male country songs. That may sound like an oxymoron to some of you, but believe us there are distinct differences.

We feel kind of weird for going through a country period right now, seeing that we are surrounded by journalists who are veritable Jedis when it comes to the genre. It sort of makes us feel like being freshmen all over again in high school and trying to talk to the senior punks about The Clash and The Misfits.

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Craig Hlavaty
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