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He Said She Said: Music From the Past Decade of Our Lives, Part 2

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She Said remembers being a little kid, thinking to herself, In the year 2000, you're going to be 20 YEARS OLD. Thinking of how old that would feel like and how far away it seemed. In truth, She Said feels no different today than she did ten years ago, but one look at her musical tastes over the past ten years shows that things have, indeed, changed a lot. In a decade where digital music, American Idol and the death of MTV have all changed our collective listening habits, it's no surprise that personal tastes have evolved. Below, a musical timeline of She Said's decade. 2000: The Hives, Veni Vidi Vicious

In retrospect, this album would set the trend for She Said's musical tastes for the rest of the decade. This marked a departure for her away from straight pop-punk towards late-'60s garage rock and grungier sounds reminiscent of Detroit. It also ignited a penchant for dudes in skinny suits, and bands from Scandinavia.

2001, Donovan, "Wear Your Love Like Heaven" and "Mellow Yellow" reissues

In 2001 She Said turned 21, went through an awful break-up, had a job she hated and could not wait to finish with school so her life could finally begin. These two singles were rereleased that year, and She Said had a Donovan

Greatest Hits

album that she would literally play

every single morning

as she got ready for work. Only later did She Said discover that Donovan was kind of annoyingly new-agey. But "Wear Your Love Live Heaven" (and half the songs on this album) remains a favorite.

2002, The Flaming Lips, Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots

She Said had all but given up on The Lips as the saviors of Oklahoma rock until this album came out. Some people just can't get into this band, which is cool, because neither could she following the novelty of "She Don't Use Jelly" and their lackluster releases in the years just before


. But the success of this album launched the Lips into international fame, and as a psychedelic concept album (about guitarist Steven Drozd's battle with heroin) still holds up almost a decade later.

2003: The Shins, "So Says I"

2003 seems to be the year She Said stopped buying full albums and started to listen to singles only. Ahh, the convenience of easy downloading. This song was on heavy rotation in Her iTunes playlist. Which is kind of funny now, because she can't stand that

asshat Marty Crandall


2004: Franz Ferdinand, "Take Me Out"

How many miles has She Said clocked on the treadmill to this perfectly-paced song? Also, there's something vaguely early-Talking Heads/David Byrne about singer Alex Kapranos. Don't front, you still think this song is awesome too.

2005: Mew, And The Glass Handed Kites

Man this album is so, so good. A seamless stream of songs that could be classified as shoegaze that rocks, maybe? Remember

The Box

, the short-lived dial-a-video channel that tried to compete with MTV in the early 90s? Well, She Said went on a trip to Norway around this time and they had a similar television program that was basically the only thing she could watch on the hotel TV, music being the universal language and all. Mew was a popular request, and She Said fell in love with this album. She still listens to it in it's entirety regularly, and this song somehow doesn't seem right without the track trailing before it.

2006, Amy Winehouse, Back to Black

You know she's no good, but she really is awesomely talented in spite of the fact she may have some personal problems. Father Christmas, if you exist, please let Amy Winehouse get straight and allow her to release another album this good. This may be She Said's favorite album of the decade.

2007: Lily Allen, Alright, Still

Vulgar and adorable. Finally music was fun again. C'mon, it's no secret we at Rocks Off love

Lily Allen


2008: Santigold, "L.E.S. Artistes"

A totally addictive single from a crazy kick-ass singer who is doing her own thing without regard for what the rest of the music industry finds acceptable. This video is so beautifully bizarre, and the song, about creativity and authenticity, struck a nerve with She Said from the first listen.

2009, Antony and the Johnsons, Another World

Sometimes an artist is so different, so unique that he totally blows everything else you've ever listened to out of water. It's been a long time since She Said's heard anything as emotionally evocative and honest as Antony's voice. If this is the future of music, She Said can't wait to see what the next decade brings.

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