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He Said She Said: Our Christmas Musical Wishlists

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She Said's music listening habits have become so lazy thanks to the Internet. She can barely bring herself to pay for a full CD any more when there's so much awesome music for free online. She can't even remember the last time she bought a full CD in the concrete, plastic wrap and all. That said, She Said has a few musical items on her Christmas wishlist. Santa, can you make these happen? She Wolf, Shakira Music blogger and hilarious person Rich at FourFour recently called Shakira's new release the "comedy album of the year." And She Said agrees! Shakira is so corny! The belly dancing, the unfortunate white-person dreadlocks, the howling. Also the fact that she's not a particularly great singer. But there's something else about Shakira - she's... infectious. Her music is catchy as hell, and she's always been the kind of artist who does her own thing without really seeming to care what's in style or what's cool. Though this would be the kind of album we'd hide when guests came over. What about her use of traditional female Korean drummers? She Said loves it.

Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out, The Rolling Stones

She Said has been on a huge Maysles Brothers kick this year. It all started when Stages put on the

Broadway version of Grey Gardens

the hoarder documentary the Maysles filmed in the '70s featuring two lesser-known women in the Bouvier clan. That set off an obsession with the Beales, which led She Said to rent the original documentary and the made-for-HBO movie from Netflix. It eventually dawned on She Said while watching the special features that the Maysles were

these Maysles

, documentarians of the stabbing death of Meredith Hunter and with him the entire 1960s. That, in turn, led to repeated obsessive viewings of

Gimme Shelter

, and then,

The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus

, with She Said salivating all over the box at an eternally pussy-footing Mick Jagger.

The rereleased version


Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out

includes footage shot by the brothers, footage She Said hasn't seen before. Don't you want to feed her obsession? Don't you?

Embryonic, The Flaming Lips

Haters keep on hatin', but The Flaming Lips are one of the most innovative bands in rock and roll. It doesn't hurt that She Said holds a special place in her Okie-born heart for the hometown heros.


is much darker than their previous albums, but that doesn't mean the band has reigned in their path towards the stratosphere. Collaborations on the album include MGMT, and Karen O and a mathematician on vocals in the song "Gemini Syringes". Thankfully,


is devoid of the Yoko Ono-esque squealing that made up entire tracks on

Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots

(She Said always skips over those anyway). She heard "Convinced of the Hex" in a certain store at the Galleria while Christmas shopping last week and dammit if that song wasn't stuck in her head all day. Plus, the Lips are kinda known for their Christmas-themed work.

Unknown Pleasures and Closer, Joy Division

She Said recently found out that joy Division's only two studio albums have been remastered and digitized for the modern era of CDs. Which would be awesome, because right now the only Joy Division She Says has is an old tape. And not even a proper tape, but an overdubbed tape, slower in some parts than it should be. And it's not even really She Said's tape - it's someone else's who never listens to it and probably doesn't even know it's missing. She Said heard this song last night at Anvil and wished so hard she had a good Joy Divison album she could listen to when she got home.

The Gossip to play in Houston

She Said is totally fascinated by Beth Ditto. Her voice is amazing and her energy is like some kind of artistic car wreck - when she's performing, it's difficult to look away. It's almost like she's channeling Aretha, if not in voice, at least in spirit. Gossip's studio music, especially their lastest album, has been panned by critics for being boring and uninspired. But how can that be so, when the same critic also calls them the

best live band in America

. But not that She Said would know - the only time she's seen them perform live has been on TV. Because

Gossip never plays Houston

. They played Austin right before Halloween, which She Said learned after the fact. So please, Gossip, if you're touring the U.S. to support

Music for Men

next year, please come to Houston. She Said promises you'll have a huge turnout.

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