He Said She Said: Our Musical Resolutions for 2010, Part 2

Did you know the U.S. Government publishes a list each year of popular American New Year's Resolutions? No. 1 is "lose weight," and No. 2 is "manage debt" which shows the kind of fucked-up priorities we as Americans have as we finish this decade off with the worst recession since the Depression. Sure! We've been collectively laid off and evicted from our homes due to shady mortgages. But we don't want to have a fat ass either!

Luckily, She Said has few vices. She's never smoked, so that's no resolution, and She loves beer and would never deign to give that up. So, yes, her top New Year's Resolution is to get fit (No. 5 on America's collective list of priorities). But it's not just about losing weight. In 10 days She Said is running her first half-marathon. Hopefully later this year She'll graduate to a full. She's also taken up biking and swimming with a triathlon in her future, and weight-lifting. Will 2010 be the year She Said finally out-benchpresses He Said? [Ed. Note: That, or keels over from a heart attack.]

"Anyone Can Play Guitar," Radiohead

First off, can She Said just gush over this video for a moment? Thank the Interwebs for YouTube for allowing Her to relive the early-90s moment when She Said, home from junior high for the summer, finally fell for Radiohead, thanks to this exact performance ("Creep" never did it for her) at the MTV Beach House.

ANYWAY. Back to the resolutions. Learn a new skill. That's a good one. And as She Said approaches her thirties She's finally resolved once and for all to learn a musical instrument. She's not alone - Pete "Guitar Zero" Vonder Haar is also taking guitar lessons. But She Said doesn't want to play the guitar forever. She wants to play the... concert ukulele.

"Save It For Later," The English Beat

She Said's all-time worst habit is a tendency to procrastinate. What?! She works best under pressure. But that's also why, four days after returning from her trip to Big Bend, she still hasn't unpacked her bags or put away her camping gear. But no more! She Said declares triumphantly. She's making a daily schedule of to-dos, and She's sticking to it. Starting tomorrow.

"Money," Barrett Strong by way of The Beatles

She Said resolves only to eat home-cooked beans and rice for the next month so that she can afford to pay for grad school and also to own the $400 pair of Marc Jacob boots she's been lusting after. Priorities, you see.

"Feeling Good," Nina Simone

If the late Nina Simone gave a shit (she didn't, which makes her awesome), her New Year's Resolution would probably be to quit drinking. She was a notorious drunk (check out one of many of her "odd" performances) which is what makes New Year's resolutions kind of stupid. If you want to do something, or to stop doing something, why not just start today, instead of January 1?

And if you do make a resolution, and you falter - if by March your resolve to give up smoking or coffee has faded, or that gym membership is getting dusty - just remember the words of the High Priestess: every morning when you wake up, "It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life."

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