He Said She Said: Songs That Remind Us of Our Exes, Part 2

Oh lord. This could get ugly. Sorry, mom. When it comes to - ahem - unresolved issues in a relationship, almost nothing is better to help us commiserate, haterate and self-medicate than music. She Said sometimes likes to image what the soundtrack of her life would look like. The songs below would be played during the sappy scenes, where one lover meets another or leaves another.

As tempting as it is for us to hit below the belt (pun intended), we'd like to think of ourselves as a little more mature than that. But also, unlike George Strait, almost none of our exes live in Texas. Lucky for us, they probably aren't reading.


Pink Floyd, basically any song

So She Said was in this rut of a relationship with a slacker boy we knew was never going to grow up. As an example of his lack of motivation, one year he waited until 6 p.m. on Valentine's Day to try to think of a gift idea. At a loss, he settled on heading to the local grocery store for flowers, of which they were of course sold out. So what did he get us instead? Groceries. Not that we minded, really. It was the only time he'd ever, in four years, chipped in for a meal.

Slacker was a huge fan of Pink Floyd, and to this day we can not stand the band. Wonder why. Ugh. It's killing us even to link to this.

Bob Dylan, "Tangled Up In Blue"

Before, during and after She Said's four-year relationship with the slacker, she was in love - she means IN LOVE with this guy who was in a band and who had his own girlfriend and who She Said would only ever see once or twice a month when their schedules aligned (and even then, that sometimes included driving to a house party an hour and a half away in the wee hours of the morning to make it happen).

During her travels and his, they'd write letters to each other full of promises and lies, and swore one day they'd escape the doldrums of small-town life together. She Said would listen to "Tangled Up In Blue" and imagine a time when she'd meet her fling on some foreign street. That whole album reminds us of that relationship, and makes us happy every time we listen to it.

Captain Beefheart, "Diddy Wah Diddy"

For a brief time She Said dated a guy who had the coolest job ever - he was an on-air DJ at the local classic rock station. But he was also a lackey. His program came on at, like, midnight on Monday mornings. She used to go down to the station and hang out with him, help him stay awake, because he also had a day job, and as a thanks he'd always play anything she requested. Captain Beefheart was a perennial favorite, even after the break-up.

Flaming Lips, "Do You Realize"

Right before She Said moved to Texas she was dating a guy in a band who was also a twin. (What is it with the guys in bands?) The great thing about this guy and his brother was that they had perfect taste in music. They even managed to rekindle She Said's love for the Flaming Lips, who she hadn't listened to since her college radio days. So, any song from Yoshimi will always remind her of them. It's also the perfect song to help a person put life (and a bad breakup) in perspective.

Beau Brummels, "Laugh Laugh"

These two brothers were a lot of fun because they loved to go to shitty flea markets and dig through records. One time they came back from such a trip and She Said's boyfriend presented her with the record Introducing the Beau Brummels. What was funny -- and She Said was not sure the guy knew this at the time -- but then-boyfriend was quite a Dandy, just like the San Francisco band's namesake.

David Bowie, "Andy Warhol"

So the first time She Said met these brothers was at a club called The Green Door (R.I.P.). There was a monthly show called The Mix-Tape Club where a group of local bands would get together and perform songs either all from a single artist or all off a single album. The brothers' band was performing on David Bowie night, and this is the song they played.

Andrew W.K., "Party Hard"

She Said met the first guy she dated in Houston at a show at the Proletariat. Their first date was a few days later, when the guy offered to take her to an Andrew W.K. show. But "going" to an Andrew W.K. show is a lot different from hanging out backstage at an Andrew W.K. show, where She Said got to meet the sweat-drenched rocker and all his friends. The relationship fizzled, but that memory will always be as vivid as a bright-red bloody nose.

Arthur Conley, "Sweet Soul Music"

One of She Said's early boyfriends (we're talking junior high here) lived just a few doors down from one of the oldest and strongest AM radio stations in the country. At that time the station's format was oldies, much like KMBE used to play, and before She Said knew anything about music she would always be excited to hear this song on her ride home from his house. Conley remains one of She Said's favorites, even though the radio station's old headquarters are now vacant, the format has changed to talk radio, and she can't even remember the boyfriend's name anymore.

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