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He Said She Said: Songs To Help Us Get Through the School Day

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Seven years after getting her journalism degree (and in the midst of a shit economy) She Said decided to reinvest in her future by going back to school. August marked the start of Her first semester at the University of Houston (uh, go Coogs?). And when she's not silently seething at the vapid teenage freshmen in her classes, she's often thinking about just how much things have changed since she was herself a vapid freshman back in 1998. The pursuit of knowledge is a worthy goal, and in the history of rock and roll it's been the inspiration for numerous songs about everything from meeting the girl of your dreams in the classroom to finding ways to avoid the halls of education. "Wuthering Heights," Kate Bush

She Said actually had a professor last semester who played this song for us while we were studying the famous Bronté novel. From now on She Said will forever hear the voice of Kate Bush when she thinks of the windy moors of what may be the world's most romantic novel. No one wants to upset crazy Kate Bush, but doesn't this song sound a lot like



"Good Morning Little Schoolgirl," The Yardbirds

This song's been covered by everyone, but She Said loves the Yardbirds' version. Also, the head honcho at Rocks Off sent her an email last week with the song as the title, and it made the rest of her day awesome.

[Ed. Note: I do what I can.] "Carrie Anne" and "Jennifer Eccles," The Hollies

For a band as musically diverse as

2010 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees The Hollies

, it's funny that they happen to have two separate songs about girls wherein the title of the song is the girl's name and the lyrics of the song talk about school. Seriously, could The Hollies be the best band in the history of band-dom? She Said loves them with all her heart. Bands today only


they were this cool (and prolific).

"High School," The MC5

MC5 mimics early rock influences in this Jerry Lee Lewis-like song, featuring former She Said crush Dave Vanian looking creepy as ever on vocals. What is it with She Said and

diminutive Evil Elvis


"Expectations," Belle and Sebastian

This. This is the story of a writer's life.

"Teacher's Pet," Doris Day

She Said has never tried to romance her way to good grades, but if Flaming Mamie Van Doren was her teacher, maybe. Make that 1950s Mamie Van Doren, not

modern Mamie Van Doren.*Shudders.* "To Sir with Love," Lulu

Or if her teacher was Sidney Poitier. Swoonsville.

"I Don't Like Mondays," Boomtown Rats

Last week school started on a Tuesday because of MLK day. The night before was the raucous

Jemina Pearl

show at The Mink. Waking up the next morning was hard.

"Itchycoo Park," The Small Faces

She Said has never skipped school to get high, but she can't say the same for the rest of the Rocks Off staff.

[Ed. Note: Cough cough.] "School Days," The Runaways

Oh man. In She Said's imaginary School of Rock, Joan Jett would give guitar lessons and Lita Ford would team up with Ozzy to teach headbanging class.

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