Hear the First Song Recorded On the International Space Station

Commander Chris Hadfield, a Canadian Space Agency astronaut, is currently on the International Space Station, orbiting Earth. When he is not pointing at the windows of the ISS and screaming "Holy shit I am in space!" and doing various experiments meant to better mankind and science, he also plays guitar.

On Christmas Day, he recorded a "space folk" ballad called "Jewel In the Night" while everyone on Earth ate, slept, drank and opened presents. The dramatic tune was recorded as a Christmas carol to Earth, touching on the birth of Baby Jesus and the beauty of our planet from thousands of miles up.

You can even hear the humming of the ISS' internal workings during the recording. Hadfield also posted a clip of ambient noise from the ISS, which sounds a lot like a noisy airplane cabin.

There is no telling what sort of Pandora's Box that Hadfield has opened by recording a ballad in space. Cue visions of rappers and adventurous rockers being flown into near-Earth orbit by deep-pocketed record companies (HA!) to lay down a few tracks while the mudball below them whizzes past.

Can Lil Wayne go into space, what with the whole seizure thing? Probably not.

I would assume Kanye West would be the most logical rapper to go to space, but there is always the chance that angry astronauts would throw his ass into the cold and forbidding clutches of space to be devoured by the elements.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.