"Hello" Again: Coast Is Back, For Those Who Have Been Missing Him

"The same guy that left for three years and didn't say 'bye,' I think I should go on to take the time to stop and say 'hi.'"

-- Coast

For an all-too-short period approximately a handful of years ago, Coast, perhaps the most Google-unfriendly rapper of all, was accessible. His music, a hyper-humanizing blend of adenoidal singing and astute rap commentary that had regular moments of undeniable brilliance was not only easy to find, but regularly updated. Remember "I Can't Complain"? or "Cheetos and Hennessey"?

The Universe had Coast, so the world was as it should be. But then, like nothing, LIKE NOTHING, poof!, he was gone. It was like he'd walked into a wormhole to negative space. After 365 days, it felt antsy. After 730 days, it felt depressing. After 1,095 days, it felt helpless. But now?

Bitch, he's back.

The video at the top of the post, that's "Hello," the first single from the third in his Thinkin' Out Loud mixtape series. It is as we remembered him: smart, engaging, funny, fun, melodic and sad in a way that feels like happy.

Listen to the song 2,000 times. Tell the world about it. Do everything you can for all of the people, always. Because who knows how long he'll be around this time.

Not very many people can disappear the way that he did. Fewer still can do what he does musically.

Coast is here. Praise.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.