Henry Winkler: Fonzie Schools Us On Edward Sharpe, Weezer

It's not every day one gets music recommendations from The Fonz. During our Art Attack interview last week with Henry Winkler, the actor spoke about how music from the 1950s was a big draw for Happy Days.

Winkler, who is super-friendly on the phone, later asked Rocks Off about our plans for the weekend. We told him we were going to see Black Joe Lewis. That got him off on a tangent about music.

Henry Winkler: My favorite new band of all time is Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Do you know them?

Rocks Off: No, we actually don't.

HW: Oh my God, you have to download them from iTunes.

RO: We're making a note right now.*

HW: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes.

RO: And why do you like them?

HW: You'll notice that every tune is just different. You know how, like, a group comes out and they sound the same almost, in every song? Edward Sharpe is actually a man named Alex who was I Am Robot first.

And he then got 13 friends together, and his girlfriend, and you can hear the love that he has for his girlfriend and she has for him in the song called "Home." Oh my God, it just jumps off the radio. Or your iPod. Or a CD. Or your computer. But anyway, I just think they are a walking musicale.

RO: So this brings up a question, what do you think of Weezer?

HW: I love Weezer!

RO: Have you met them? We're assuming you have, after the video.

HW: I introduced them at a big concert in Los Angeles.

RO: Talk about a group of men raised by television. Their latest album is even a reference to Lost.

HW: Oh wow. No kidding? Well it's mostly all Rivers (Cuomo), you know. He's the guy. He is the main influence in that group.

RO: They named their album Hurley, after the character on Lost.

HW: Hurley is adorable.

*Rocks Off realized afterwards that we had heard the song "Home" before, but thought it was She & Him. We've officially been schooled by Fonzie.

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