Here Comes the Montrose Rock Revel

As if Houston's music calendar wasn't busy enough this weekend -- that's a good thing -- here comes the Montrose Rock Revel Saturday night at Rudyard's, home of tater tots, darts and one of the best atmospheres in town.

The MRR is headlined by The Trimms, who were standouts at this year's Houston Press Music Awards, winning Best Rock, with drummer Gabe Bravo taking Best Drummer honors. Bravo will be doing double drumming duty on Saturday as he is in MRR band Shotgun Funeral as well.

Also on the massive bill are Second Lovers, March To The Sea, Fox & Cats, The Bad Drugs, and Deadend Cowboys. Their will also be an art component to the event and spankings.

Yes, spankings. You've been a bad boy or girl.

Gabe Bravo describes Shotgun Funeral as a "gypsy/polka/swing/punk" seven-piece featuring two guitarists, a mandolin player, a bass player, a violin, a drummer, and an accordionist.

"We're pretty flexible with instrumentation in a unique way. The best way to describe it is danceable, mostly eastern European-style drinking music, Bravo says. Their name is a play on the phrase "shotgun wedding".

"Instead of being forced to get married, you're forced to die."

"I set up a Google alert for "Shotgun Funeral" and mostly get emails when people who are completely unrelated to us get brutally murdered with shotguns. It's pretty metal," he adds.

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Craig Hlavaty
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