Here's a Treasure Trove of Vintage Numbers Art

Tomorrow night at Numbers, the producers of the documentary-in-progress Friday I'm In Love are encouraging supporters of the hallowed Montrose club to come on down, where they'll be interviewing couples and individuals about their experiences with the very timely subject of love, presumably as it relates to Numbers (but you never know). Meet them on the patio between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. and share with them your "loveliness." Then stay to dance.

As we told you recently, there will be no film if the Kickstarter campaign to cover the filmmakers' estimated expenses doesn't meet its goal of $40,000 by March 6. Spearheaded by director Marcus Pontello and producer Jeromy Barber, it got off to a fast start, with $10K in its first week, but Pontello says the team could use another shot of momentum. Another fundraiser is scheduled for March 22 at Double Trouble next to the Continental Club.

The story of Numbers, which under various names (but mostly #'s) has kept Houstonians dancing for more than three and a half decades, is of course a musical tale. However, the photographs, club flyers, posters and other Numbers-related art is probably second to none when it comes to visual paraphrenalia associated with a local nightclub. The filmmakers were kind enough to share a few pieces of art from the film with us, and we also asked Houston poster artist supreme Uncle Charlie to send over a few of his finest creations. Thanks to him and the Friday producers for pitching in...now it's your turn. Enjoy!

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