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Giant Kitty Is Ready To Rampage With New Single

Giant Kitty returns bigger and leaner on "Asking."
Giant Kitty returns bigger and leaner on "Asking." Photo by Daniel Jackson

Punk rock has always been a genre that's more defined by those who play it than those who deem it worthy or unworthy. In the punk world, it seems like nowadays there are more than enough people trying to prove what punk is or isn't. However for Houston's Giant Kitty, the fact that the group has always done their own thing and played whatever they wanted makes them more than worthy enough to don the punk rock badge.

On their upcoming album Rampage, the four piece goes bigger, louder, and more abrasive than they did on their debut a couple of years ago. This is especially true on their third single, "Asking" found exclusively here. In just under three minutes, Giant Kitty proves that they're still up for doing whatever they want while doing so in the catchiest way possible.

The song gets started with a snarling guitar and howling vocals that are sure to grab anyone's immediate attention. With an added synth, it's pretty obvious pretty quick that this is a more focused version of the kind of music that Giant Kitty creates. Full of a snappy speed and hand claps that come in to keep things going, the song showcases how diverse these four are when they write songs. The overall sound isn't what you're expecting, which is the norm for these four nowadays. By changing things up and taking things in a new direction, Giant Kitty has no problem proving that they're ready to keep us all guessing.

The end result is a song that's worth cranking to maximum volume, and foreshadows what fans are in store for on the group's new album. You can stream "Asking" above, while Rampage, produced by DJ Baby Roo will be available on all platforms from Roologic Records on January 26. A cassette version of the album will also be available from Miss Champagne Records as well. You can catch Giant Kitty next on Friday, January 26 at House of Blues. The album release party will be hosted by Nyx Laraye and will feature sets from MIEARS and Only Beast for the all ages show. Doors at 7 p.m.; tickets $15.

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