Hey, Guess What: Morrissey's Not Sold Out After All

Sometimes Rocks Off thinks he hears things, and he doesn't. Sometimes he gets really excited about a show and figures everybody else must be just as excited. Or maybe he just needs to ease up on the mescaline. Either way, for some reason he thought Morrissey's show at Jones Hall Saturday night was sold out, and then he got a rather perplexed email from one of his pals at the Messina Group this afternoon informing him that it's not. Oops.

Actually, there are about 300-something tickets left for the Mozzer's recital at the home of the Houston Symphony. Most are in the balcony ($37.50), but some scattered singles remain on the lower levels (higher). They're available at Ticketmaster.

Sorry about that, guys. We hate it when our friends become successful...

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