Hey Ladies! The 10 Most She-Tastic Artists of All Time

Have you ever noticed this: Men and women have different musical tastes. At times, they do.

Why? Because men and women have different interests, for the most part. Think about it, boys: while you may want to play some Metallica, your girlfriend (or mom) may want listen to Sheryl Crow or Madonna.

As a counterpoint to our recent testosterone-mad countdown of the most "bro-tastic" bands of all time, Rocks Off now presents ten artists ladies love.

10. Wilson Phillips

When I went to see them at the Grand 1894 Opera House in Galveston this past June, I could have sworn that a good half or more of that audience was female. They have great harmonies, but are definitely a band that caters to women. They know their audience and cater to it well. For that, they deserve a great deal of respect.

Confession: I listen to them and even sing along in the car. Also, in college, I wanted to start a group akin to them (and their Christian counterparts, Point of Grace) with three friends. They weren't interested. Oh and they are pretty funny live: they kept bantering each other about various eyebrow raising subjects.

9. Celine Dion

Once upon a time, when schmaltzy pop ruled the airwaves circa the 1990s, Celine Dion was the queen of all that. Like Tom Jones, there are still some who like her.

Confession: When I was in 5th-7th grade, I thought Celine Dion was awesome. I would constantly watch VH1 (because I wasn't allowed to watch MTV), so I could see her VH1 Divas Live concert. I also got my mom and grandma to buy me copies of Falling Into You, Let's Talk About Love, A'I Olympia (a live French album recorded at the Paris Olympia) and more. Now that I'm older, I rarely listen to those albums and honestly, I think she sounds better in her native French than English.

8. Peter Cetera

If you listen to Peter Cetera's solo work, he really does seem to cater to and even celebrate women with songs like "Next Time I Fall," "Big Mistake," and even "Daddy's Girl" -- the latter of which was prominently used in Three Men and a Baby.

Confession: I own a copy of Solitude Solitaire and, yes, I did think he looked good when he made that video with Amy Grant. However, I quickly remind myself that he is only 67 and has a daughter who is only a few years older than I am. Also, I can safely assume that my mom probably had a big crush on him back in the '70s because she was (and still is) a fan of Chicago.

7. Amy Grant

If you were raised evangelical Christian in the '90s, she was either well-loved or well-hated, depending on how conservative you are or were - or musical tastes. Regardless of her public perception, she dominated Christian radio in the late '70s, '80's and into the '90s, when she also found some crossover pop success.

Her '80s albums Lead Me On, Age to Age, Unguarded and Straight Ahead are considered classic contemporary Christian albums. Grant is still considered a legend and even a pioneer within contemporary Christian music.

Confession: Once upon a time, I wanted to be a singer just like Amy Grant (and maybe part of me still does). My copy of Age To Age is basically worn out from playing "Fat Baby," "Don't Run Away," and "In a Little While" too much.

6. Michael Bolton

Attention older women, you may think Michael Bolton is cute and maybe even sexy, but you are terribly mistaken. If Celine Dion is the queen of schmaltzy pop, he's the reigning king of hearts of women 45 and older who have a thing for Fabio.

Confession: I can honestly say that my record/CD/iTunes collection is Bolton-free. It shall remain that way unless I find a reason to purchase an album by Blackjack, his former metal band.

5. Deborah Gibson

Before she was on Celebrity Apprentice, Gibson was a well-known '80s teen idol who was basically the girl every teenage girl wanted to be and every teenage guy wanted to be with. To be blunt, she's kinda like Robin as a Canadian teen idol on How I Met Your Mother.

Confession: I actually have a lot of respect for her. The reason being is the fact that she produced her first two albums, 1986's Out of the Blue and 1989's Electric Youth, when she was only a teenager. That's a pretty big feat for a woman her age. Not many artists can say they've undertaken such a big ordeal that young (she was only around 15-18).

Also, because I'm a record collector, Out of the Blue was the first record that I ever bought. I was 13, and I remember wanting to recreate what she was wearing on the cover my freshman year of high school for "decade day" during homecoming week, but I ended up doing the '60s instead.

4. Britney Spears

In middle school, it seemed like every girl got caught up in Britney-mania. I think I even was at one point, but somehow never really bought her debut album.

Confession: I have one, ONE, Britney Spears song on my iPod. Why? Because "Everytime" reminds me of the video, which I saw for the first time while on a mission trip in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The video, which basically talks about death and suicide, was shown unedited (I think) on VH1. It was playing late at night. Weird and sad video.

3. Pat Benatar

Kids, before there was Katy Perry, there was Pat Benatar. However, what makes Pat Benatar great is that she isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Unlike Perry, she has style and sense. She fought hard against her record company's apparent micromanagement of her. If you don't believe me, go read her 2010 autobiography, Between A Heart and a Rock Place.

Confession: I have never seen Pat Benatar live. However, I would like to one day. Also in high school in the 2000s, I wanted to be like her or even Chrissie Hynde (of the Pretenders) as far as fashion goes.

2. Richard Marx

Richard Marx is rock music's pretty boy. However, the main thing that makes him stand out is the fact that his voice is better suited for rock, not the pop that has become standard for him. I think he would have been a better hard-rock artist had he decided to not do so much pop.

Confession:: I thought up a random tour mashup that should come to either Houston or Galveston: Wilson Phillips with Richard Marx at the Arena Theatre or Galveston's Grand 1894 Opera House.

1. Beyonce

Beyonce is talented, no doubt about it. It seems like she has more female fans than male fans. Women love her.

Confession: I think her best song is none other than "Crazy In Love."

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