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Hey, Let's Put David Crosby Moustaches On Everyone

Pared down to just David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash (Neil Young is now touring with Crazy Horse), Wednesday night with these three geriatric strummers whose list of influential cuts starts with 1969's "Marrakesh Express" is a good way to knock a few legends off of your concert bucket list at once.

Yes yes, even outdoors at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion.

As the baby-boomer supergroup ages and mellows with their audience, these songs ("Our House") sound more like sturdy lullabies than folk-rock landmarks. The harmonies are still there in spades, and you can hear where acts like Fleet Foxes and the Mumfords got their marching orders. CSN also finds time to spotlight its members' solo work just in case you were wishing and hoping to hear "Love the One You're With."

David Crosby, the C in CSN, has long sported one of music's best and bushiest moustaches, second only to Skunk Baxter's soup-strainer. When he wasn't in jail or in the Byrds, he had a grand 'stache under his nose and above his mouth.

But why should he be the only one to rock the Crosby?

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Craig Hlavaty
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