Hey Lois: Local Musician Serenades The Corpse Flower

After keeping Houston in suspense for much longer than expected, Lois the corpse flower bloomed over the weekend, and is now a mass of rotting organic debris instead of just smelling like one.

Local musician Danny Osterwisch was hired to play Jessica Zabala and John Smith's wedding, which the soon-to-be happy Katy couple booked at the Houston Museum of Natural Science's Cockrell Butterfly Center without knowing Lois would be getting ready to shake off her petals and stink up the joint at right about the same time.

Osterwisch took the unexpected twist in stride, and even came up with a song about Lois he played at the Zabala-Smith reception. (Congrats, by the way). He emailed Rocks Off earlier today and said we were welcome to share it. Don't have to ask us twice...

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