Hidden Tracks: Future Clouds and Radar

Assistant Music Editor Olivia Flores Alvarez had a few questions for Future Clouds and Radar's founder Robert Harrison. First, a couple of questions about Tippy Feldman, the group's number one fan. Here's a little backstory from the band's website: "Once there was an intrepid motel nightwatchmen named Tippy Feldman who became so keen on Future Clouds and Radar that he began attending most of their shows, often appearing stageside with cold and frothy beverages for all. He fantasized about Robert falling off the stage and him (Tippy) taking over as the singer guy. He longed to be welcomed into their weird little Utopia where his birthday would be properly acknowledged- even celebrated. But sadly, when Tippy follwed the band to Canada he was stopped at the border crossing and taken into custody for a failure to show proper documentation. (this really did happen) the end.")

Houston Press: What happened to Tippy Feldman? Where is he now and would you consider falling off stage on purpose just to make Tippy happy?

Robert Harrison: Tippy wasn't really good for any of us and I'm glad he was apprehended by the authorities- he is NOT missed! I have fallen off stage before but that usually had more to do with ill-timed scissor kicks and such. So far so good with Future Clouds and Radar on that score. As for Tippy maybe he can find someone on the Canadian pokey to project his adolescent fantasies upon.

For the rest of the inteview and to listen to Future Clouds and Radar's "You Will Be Loved," turn the page ...

HP: You're very funny on your website. Do you think the humor ever detracts from the music?

Harrison: I don't know, do you? The tears of this clown are there for all to see/ hear on the records. But I suppose once a class clown always a class clown. whoops I forgot... rock n 'roll music was supposed to be a public exercise in great solemnity and brow furrowing.

HP: How's the CD doing? How are fans reacting to the new music?

Harrison: The record just came out and response is great. People are genuinely nice about it to my face. If its causing anyone great pain it's a secret to me. The band is a gas.

HP: Why make an album, meant to be listened to front to back, when everyone is so download happy? Few listeners will experience the CD front to back, most will download a avorite song or two.

Harrison: Well the songs can be enjoyed a la carte or as part of the dinner platter. I'm a dinner guy myself- but I wouldn't recommend both discs in one sitting unless you're heartier than most. By the way, what's a download?

HP: Please explain the name Future Clouds & Radar.

Harrison: It's actually Latin for an extremely good, vaguely melancholy, chill bump inducing band! Either that or an early farming implement ...I can't remember

To hear Future Clouds and Radar's "You Will Be Loved" from their new self-titled CD, click on the Listen button.

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