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HISD Staff Goes Gangnam Style: This Is Not a Joke

Rocks Off saw something so disturbing today on the morning news, but it was early we were sure it couldn't possibly be real.

It is.

The Houston Independent School District has produced a video to promote early voting featuring teachers, faculty and other district staff -- including what must be the HISD board itself -- throwing their hands in the air in the style of PSY's "Gangnam Style," the inexplicably popular line-dancing video by a Korean dance-pop singer that is now approaching some 300 million YouTube views.

Even more surreal, HISD's version has "lyrics" captioned onscreen, like "voting early makes me dance, makes me dance like a silly cowboy."

This video begs several questions: How much tax money was used for this? Shouldn't these kids be in class? How long did take to explain to those bus drivers what "Gangnam Style" is? And why didn't we get to do things like this when we were in school? But most of all, huh?

Ah well, at least everyone's exercising. And anything that gets people to vote early (or at all) is worthwhile, we say.

HISD is hardly the first organization to jump on the Gangnam bandwagon, though. Other parody/tributes have come from the University of Oregon football team, some cadets in the U.S. Naval Academy's 22nd Company, Saturday Night Live (featuring PSY himself), some dude dressed like Gandalf and "Hot Moms and Cute Babies" (just watch).

Early voting begins October 22. Watch the video and you'll know that.

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