Hollywood FLOSS Goes To The Movies On New "Attack"

Rocks Off counted 37 actor references in Hollywood FLOSS's new song, "Attack of Hollywood," so we decided to ask the rapper about some of his favorite actors, movies, and get up to speed on his upcoming project.

Rcks Off: You're playing with Dead Prez tonight at Fitzgerald's. Who are your favorite actors who have played American presidents?

Hollywood FLOSS: Morgan Freeman in the movie Deep Impact. He's a good actor, he played God in a Jim Carrey movie, so I'd even believe him if he said he was my dad. Also, Bill Pullman in Independence Day. He was believable because he didn't try to be the hero, and looked generally concerned about our nation surviving this alien takeover.

In some movies the President tries to be the action hero, and you leave [asking yourself] how would the President save us in real life? You're 55 and weak.

RO: Favorite actors? We heard you reference De Niro twice.

FLOSS: I love De Niro. But I was a big Will Smith and Martin Lawrence fan growing up - I was always into comedy. On the serious side, I like Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington.

As far as bad actors go, I hate Dane Cook. Also, I've never laughed at anything Jim Breuer has been in, or the short guy on A Night at the Roxbury.

RO: Chris Kattan? God, that movie was horrible. So what's the backstory behind "Attack of Hollywood" besides the obvious connection to your alias?

FLOSS GZA has a song where he does the same type of thing with record labels, so that was the first inspiration for it. No movie inspired it. I remember I started writing it when I was at the school I used to teach at.

My first two years teaching, I taught high school and I was a sub at the time. We would get 15-minute breaks. I didn't have any students at the time, so I did the first verse while I was on one of my conference breaks. The last two verses I did on a Saturday, super late at night and I had to be at the studio early Sunday morning.

RO: So you're a teacher, too?!

FLOSS: I kind of just fell into it. I spent four and a half years in college and graduated thinking I was going to be at the top, creating storyboards for marketers and making a lot of money. I ended up selling energy to stores and I'd have to walk to do it.

I started substituting in special education for the "discovery center" dealing with kids in broken homes and gangs. I ended up liking it and I made the decision to keep going and now I'm in my fifth year of doing it.

RO: Would you ever let your students listen to your music?

HW: I feel confident enough that I could deliver a good message for most of my students, but I would want them to find my music on their own. I would never play it for them or tell them what I do.

I'm not just a rapper; people don't take you seriously when you tell them that. I teach, I produce (Fat Tony's "Love Life") there's a lot of different parts of me. I would say that I'm Lupe Fiasco meets Lil Jon-it's substance in a fun way.

With Dead Prez, 8 p.m. tonight at Fitzgerald's. Follow FLOSS on Twitter

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