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Holy Woofer, Batman!

Our friends Steven Reynolds & The Texas Two have some bad news to report. It seems they were struck by a 'brazen, ballsy' thief and got cleaned out of their new recording and sound equipment. The band was recording their CD at a local studio, but decided to buy their own equipment and do it themselves. Now with all their equipment gone, and the project only half-done, Chad Hawkins, the group's bassist, says they'll probably be finishing up the tracks live at the Continental Club, with borrowed equpiment.

Here's a copy of their posting:

SOMEONE BROKE INTO OUR REHEARSAL SPACE LAST NIGHT , WHICH IS ALSO MY GARAGE AND HAWKINS AMPS' WORKSHOP. The thief or thieves is probably a Houston musician. They were very selective about what they took as if they had been in the shop before. No guitars or amps were stolen. All of our brand spankin' new recording gear and our P.A. was stolen. Also stolen were some Harley Davidson parts .

These guys know their stuff and seemed selective , as if they didn't wan't to hurt the band's ability to perform and my ability to work on and build guitar amps . One amp in that shop was worth more than the other stuff combined , yet they did not take it .This was not a grab and run. They took:

Peavey 6 channel 600watt P.A. Presonus FireBox Presonus Compressor MxL V69 gold edition condensor mic Mac Laptop Harley Rocker Boxes , Mirrors , handlebar risers Haven't taken full inventory yet .

If anyone hears anything on the street please contact me @832-512-6626

Thanks , Chad Hawkins

Hawkins invites everyone out to the upcoming Steven Reynolds & The Texas Two performance at Rudyards, (Wednesday, January 24, 2010 Waugh, 713-521-0521). "If anybody wants to come out and pay five bucks to hear us and help get our equipment fund restarted, we'd be happy to have them," he told us. - Olivia Flores Alvarez

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Olivia Flores Alvarez