"Hood Politician" Delo Chooses A Cabinet Of H-Town Rappers

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The hip-hop world is a less than sensible place -lots of times, you're even required to clarify when bad means bad and when bad means good- so once a week we're going to get with a rapper and ask them to explain things. Have something you always wanted to ask a rapper? Email it to introducingliston@gmail.com. This Week's Rapper: Delo This Week's Subject(s): Hood politics; Houston's White House Cabinet of Rappers Ask A Rapper: Okay, so you've got a song called "Hood Politics." We're hoping you can clarify a few things for us with regards to that. First, are there corresponding positions in hood politics and regular politics? Like, is there a Speaker of the House in the hood? What about a Whip? Delo: "Hood Politics": The good and the bad, rich and poor, both sides of the fence. Everything in life is political, and everything starts at the bottom (the hood). I try to grasp everyone's ear with the music I present. I want to be as relative as I can and make music for everyone to vibe to. I would be The Speaker, of course. And The Whip, that would be the MetroRail. Keep it hood [laughs]. AAR: Let's do this, We'll throw out some positions in the White House Cabinet and you tell us which Houston rapper would fill each one. Oh, also, if need be, some guys can fill in more than one space. For example, Bun B would be the President, but he'd also be the the Ambassador to the United Nations (no other rapper has reached out to more people outside of the Houston wheelhouse than he has). Got it? Cool. Here we go. Delo's Picks (ours are italicized beneath his): Attorney General: Z-Ro D: He has the most knowledge about life itself. He expresses himself to the limit and then he knows the laws more than any other Houston rapper knows [laughs]. We wanted to go with Scarface for this one, but the AG is supposed to be an advisor-like position. Face isn't exactly known for reaching out to other dudes. We'll select him as a figurehead for the spot, but with Willie D pulling the strings in the background. Secretary of Homeland Security: Scarface D: His lyrics [are] sent out to protect us from numerous things. If you are a listener and you play a Scarface CD, you will learn the lesson of what I call survival. He hits home with a lot of his music, which is why he is a major influence on me. Definitely handing this spot over to Trae. Remember what happened to Mike Jones after he went around telling everybody that he was running stuff in Houston? Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Scarface D: When I think of veteran I think of a person with seniority. Scarface knows a lot about the game and I would consider him a vet. We agree with the premise of Delo's pick, but we're enlisting K-Rino for this one. The man is an encyclopedia of Houston hip-hop. And he's a genius. No way he wouldn't be perfect for this. Secretary of Labor: Killa Kyleon D: He has been killing the game with mixtapes, shows, etc. He has been putting in major footwork and I respect him for that. You gotta respect a man that works for his city. Solid, solid pick. We're inclined to lean towards Lil' Flip, though. The guy has put out about 94 mixtapes this year. When he's on his hustle, not a lot of dudes can keep up. Secretary of Defense: Lil' Flip/Mike Jones (tie) D: For some reason, they have been very defensive lately [laughs]. No beef, but I haven't seen Mike since the Ozone awards. Klondike Kat. That guy is frigg'n terrifying. Department of War: Trae The Truth D: You can listen to the tone of his voice and tell he is ready for war. And his crew is big enough to start World War 3! Anybody that uses the term Assholes By Nature should be Secretary of War. Okay, we're going to add a qualifier to this one. We'd pick Z-Ro, but it'd have to be pre-2004 Z-Ro. Pre-2004 Z-Ro wasn't taking shit from anyone. Post-2004 Z-Ro is by no means a pushover, but, as most do, he's aged to be a bit more mature with his decisions (i.e. less likely to stab you in the eyes for leisure). Secretary of Commerce: J. Prince D: Of course you know that J. Prince is not a rapper, but he is behind the history of majority of the rappers in H-Town and he is making international moves. He is someone that knows the business side of the industry, which shows in his success. Chamillionaire. He's in love with his money.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.