Horror Business: The Top 5 Most Evil Rock Stars

Halloween and rock and roll go together like peanut butter and jelly. Something about darkened rooms filled with outlandish costumes and screaming girls, we guess. Some of the rock's most ghoulish stars are also its most fun, as Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson will no doubt prove once again at Reliant Arena Tuesday.

Derided as the devil's music from its earliest days, rock and roll has always enjoyed a heavy flirtation with the dark side. After all, as the soundtrack to youthful rebellion, rock could hardly remain steadfastly on the side of the angels and still stay interesting as long as it has.

But there's a difference between the shock and horror that true artists inject into their performances and genuine, irredeemable evil. Though the rock and roll lifestyle has certainly attracted its fair share of damaged and unsavory characters over the years, surprisingly few have ever crossed the line. Those who do find not fame, but chilling infamy.

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Nathan Smith
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