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Hot Stuff: Will The Texas Heat Melt Your Vinyl LPs?

Note: All temperatures in the following article are given in degrees Fahrenheit. Here is a helpful Celsius conversion calculator.

You might not have noticed it lately, but outdoors, rays of this thing called "sunshine" are hitting the Earth like the planet didn't bring the Sun a sandwich when it asked. To sum up, it is so hot outside right now that it can only be punishment from an angry god, and the temperature has the Houston Press music staff concerned.

Now, when Herr Editor asked us about the melting point of various music mediums we were surprised. Not because he asked us a science-related question - after all, your humble narrator is the Houston Press' science officer in addition to being the backup spiritual advisor, vice president in charge of wasp's nest removal, and head of gothic affairs.

We were surprised because we assumed the whole thing was preparation for the day a totalitarian government goes all Fahrenheit 451 and starts targeting any music besides Katy Perry with flamethrowers. No, the much more mundane truth was that Rocks Off wanted to give you all some advice about the damage high temperatures can do to your music collection.

Well, OK, we can do that too, but stay tuned to the end for our tips in case of the flamethrower scenario.

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