Houston (and Rocks Off) Makes Spin Magazine

Normally Rocks Off is not one to blow his own trombone, but forgive me for a second, because this is kind of a big deal. The Houston music scene - past, present and future - will be on the national stage all Rocktober long, because Rocks Off managed to convince the folks at


to let him write up our not-so-little bayou burg in the magazine's monthly "Rock City" feature. (I'm still not exactly sure how.) It was nearly impossible to narrow down who to include - and indeed, Rocks Off wound up giving the


editors more than they needed - and apologies to everyone I couldn't squeeze in.

After some distribution weirdness (Rocks Off actually bought his copy in Austin over ACL weekend), the issue is now available at your neighborhood newsstand. If you absolutely insist, though, check it out online here (scroll down to the next-to-last two-page spread in the right-hand window).

Anyways, page 126 has info bites on everyone Rocks Off could fit into 1,300 words - Uncle Charlie, Notsuoh, Numbers, Chuck Roast, Bohemeo's, Lola's, Love Street, Indian Jewelry - complete with a stunning photograph of the band on the Love Street stairs - Karina Nistal, Ceeplus Bad Knives, Billy Gibbons, Little Joe Washington, Miss Leslie and plenty more.

We've known there's plenty going on down Houston way for a long time... it's about time the rest of the country found out. - Chris Gray

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