Houston Band (Finally) Makes Rolling Stone

Thanks to Classic Rock Bob Ruggiero for passing along the following bit of happy news. In today's edition of Rolling Stone's "Rock and Roll Daily" blog, the first band listed in the "Hype Monitor" section is none other than Houston's own listenlisten. The Hype Monitor got hip to Hymns from Rhodesia, listenlisten's forthcoming LP due September 22. Here's a little of what Rolling Stone had to say:

"It's the kind of music cowboys might hear in the distance as they stagger dumbly to their doom. And because they use a bevy of instruments, piling on piano and trumpet and violin, Listenlisten manage to be a four-person group that sounds like a 12-person group. "Listen If: You've given up hope on that Neutral Milk Hotel reunion, or are looking for an even spookier version of Will Oldham."

Read the full write-up here. By a strange coincidence, Rocks Off just listened to Rhodesia, which actually is comprised of hymns from the South African nation now known as Zimbabwe (we think), and we have to agree - it's pretty out there. Rolling Stone must really like listenlisten, too, because they refer to the quartet as a "collective" - as in Animal. Congratulations, guys. listenlisten plays the Leave Your Genre At the Door multi-band blowout Friday at Fitzgerald's and the IndieHouston house with Buxton, Giant Princess and Robert Ellis August 15 before heading out on a short two-week tour.

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