Houston Bands Vie in SafeAuto Jingle Contest

In September of last year Rocks Off alerted Houston musicians to $5,000 that could be won if they participated in the annual SafeAuto jingle contest, and at least three of them have recorded noteworthy enough efforts to be in solidly in the running as the contest comes to a close next month.

Near the bottom of the pack at #14 is Earl Wang and the Poke Chop XXX Press. The Avin-based group offers up a howling, harmonica heavy tune that should appeal to the world's grizzled road warriors. Meanwhile the Rhythm Ninjas are well ahead at #6 with a hip hop offering as well as a slick breakdance routine in order to add spice to their entry.

The band that almost has the prize in hand is D2 made up of Deke Garner & Devlyn Tyree, two young boys not even ten years old who have already managed to pick up a good following on YouTube for their adorable song stylings. Their entry is riding high more on sheer cuteness than the skill of their delivery, but even a cursory glance through D2's videos show that the boys have a pretty solid music endeavor going that $5,000 could certainly help fund.

Voting in the contest continues through February 29th, and we for one would really like to see one of the Houston bands clench the prize. It may not be the most glamorous aspect of rock and roll music out there, but a brief glance at any car commercial can tell you that a knack for making music that will work as advertisements can a nice safety net for even the most hipster of bands, though we're sure that they'd say they were selling cars ironically.

"We feel that local bands represent the cities that we travel to," says SafeAuto spokesman Jason Parks in an interview with us last year. "With our contest receiving over 1 million votes last year, our Do The Jingle Contest is also a great way for local bands to get additional exposure."

Each of the above links will take you directly to that candidate's video entry for the opportunity to vote. Here's hoping that Houston makes it.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.